My name is Héctor and I am Junior VFX Compositor.

I consider myself a methodical person, hard working and very professional. I am passionate about visual arts and I enjoy teamworking and learning from people.

I have a very solid foundation in VFX compositing and because of my previous education I also acquired the main principles of 3D. This is a very valuable complement to my compositing skills and in addition with my work ethic and passion for VFX, it allows me to quickly integrate within a team.

In 2019 I was nominated as a finalist for the “Education Scholarships – Rising Sun Pictures Education” prize as part of The Rookies contest.



This year my entry has been nominated for the Draft Selection. I was nominated also as a finalist for a “Studio Internship – Outpost VFX”.




RA2020-FINALIST-Studio Internships-Outpost VFX (United Kingdom)

You can read my article “How to add a CG background to a live action plate” in the following link.